The Chelsea

Here is my favorite type of shoe: the kind of shoe you can wear with almost anything on a daily basis.

These are chelsea boots, known for being kind of ugly and kind of really comfortable (read: awesome!). They originated in the Victorian era, first of their kind to have an elastic band to make them easy for you to put on and take off. Practical.

I get mushy when it comes to ugly, chunky shoes. In fact, I find them really attractive. When I look at them it's as if they say, "I'm not trying too hard." And no, they're not; actually, they are really sleek and cool. The chelseas make that official sound of heels as you're walking down a hallway, but they don't make you feel out of place.* They are great when you don't want to stand out, but want to stand apart from (the sea of sneakers that is college). They're not for everyone, but they're just right for me!

I was thinking of studding the sides.

Any thoughts?


P.S. This pair is rainproof! I found out today when I had to walk through mini-rivers because it's been raining all day. Womp womp.

* Also, like a heel, you can beat away any perpetrators that may come your way. Heels have a sharp point, chunky shoes are heavy and easy to stomp with. 


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  2. great outfit, love the shirt.


  3. i like the first studs, just simple and classic. i think these would look amazing with the sides studded, you should go for it!