Unfortunate Events

I had been really looking forward to spending more time on this blog since I was done with my big test! However, something very unfortunate has happened… I was not in the best of neighborhoods in Tampa and while away from my car had my window broken and my netbook and camera stolen.

Now, I like to think I don’t get attached to material things, but I have to admit, that really stung. It’s not that I miss the objects, but those two things made up a big part of what I like to consider my ‘hobbies’. Of course I am thankful that I am alright, but I will definitely miss my camera. I was so excited when I bought it last year :/

Needless to say I can’t really post quality pictures any longer. However, I have an illustration project in mind & I do have film cameras (though those take a while to be used & developed…)


Just Dance

As Dane Cook explained it so well, some days girls just wanna dance.

No guys!

We just wanna dance.

Friday night rolled around and Liza suggested I wear spandex. The choice was easy as I’ve been waiting all summer to wear one of the coolest dresses I own. And well yeah, I felt pretty hot (not only figuratively, but also literally. Spandex does not breathe well; but it was so worth it!)

P.S. It’s from Asos.


Let's get Naked

I never got what the hype was about with the Naked Palette… until one fateful day when I walked past it and was blinded by the shimmer.


I was a good girl and put it down but then it was on my mind for days. Needless to say I went back for it. I’ve had it for a few weeks and love the thing! My nails even match it.

I love the array of colors; from soft browns to golds then colder shades...