Turkish Coffee

DIY bleach bottom pants - Pour La Victoire pumps

Tie-dye has been all over the place lately and although I've always been intrigued, I've never given it a change (until now). Over the weekend I decided to experiment with one of many pairs of black pants. These jeans were too long, so I cut at the ankle and dipped them in bleach. The pattern reminds me of the bottom of Turkish-brewed coffee; when I was younger my grandmother and her friends would drink the coffee then afterward a pattern would be left from the fine powder. They would look at the shapes and read the fortunes of one another. It was very mysterious and intriguing.


Fade Away

Vintage Keys

The hot sun rises and the grass withers; the little flower droops and falls, and its beauty fades away.


Laying Out

Today I was ready for laying out in the sunshine. I had stayed up till early morning so I woke up late and it was lunch time. It was cloudy, but sunny. I decided to watch the Virgin Suicides and halfway through the movie it got dark and it started to rain. The movie ended, my family went somewhere and now it's quiet and I am only with my dog Lucy and the ice cream truck seems to be outside my house because I've been hearing the music alongside rain for two minutes now. Eerie? Yeah.


Flower Wilting in the Field

Lucky shirt - cutoff shorts - Clarks desert boots

My Baba* left for Bulgaria until October, which has left our dog Lucy lonely. I started taking her for walks and playing with her more now that she is down one companion. Needless to say she is so small and furry it's hard to keep your hands off. Tomorrow is my first work-free, school-free weekend that I'll be having since I-don't-remember-when; like it's high school summer vacation again! Except I'm a little less clueless, obviously cooler and I have a car. But I'm still broke.

*Baba is Bulgarian for Grandma


Donna Karen crocheted blouse - Eileen Fisher knit dress

I debated making public some of my thesis drawings, I even made a post I deleted, but I decided to put them here. These are three illustrations that are to be found in my thesis, which is about Bulgarian folk costumes. The first is a costume from Varna, the second is a costume from Northeast Bulgaria, and the last comes from Plovdiv, found in the south of Bulgaria. Tomorrow I present for my mentor and my friend Dimitre, who kindly agreed to be the second reader. Then I am officially done with undergrad...


Black Eyes

F21 floral shorts - Tendenz sandals

The last two weeks I've been taking exams and graduating  (the latter part being much more exciting, obvs). The past few days I have been with my family and friends, enjoying their company without the shadow of school in the background. Now there is the shadow of life... which should be much colder and daunting, but some people are pretty good at it, so why shouldn't I be too? I have also spent some of my time drawing Mother's Day cards and finishing illustrations for my Honor's thesis, which I will post at a later time.

Until then, I will continue my new love for shorts, because in Floridian weather you'd be crazy to love anything else as soon as Spring hits (I say Spring, but that's non-existent in Florida, so it's actually Summer. In July it'll be more like Hell).