An Education

Let me tell you about my friend Kristen. If I had to be perfectly dramatic I'd say we have a symbiotic relationship. I make banners for her blog* and she lets me use her Netflix and Mubi.

I know what you're thinking, I didn't know what Mubi was either, but Kristen simply explained it was the pretentious movie site (it is).

In other words, it's wonderful!** I have come to the point of my movie-watching career where I can watch a film and pick up the subtle messages (sometimes obnoxiously obvious) that foreshadow the climax, or the end. These movies are like the romance novel that's been written a thousand times over. 

Artsy films on the other hand are much less predictable and even if they are, they are still very visually appealing. WIN.

Lucky for me, I didn't even have to sit for long minutes reading movie descriptions while pondering if I was in fact picking a good film (although they all are, except for Lost in Translation, you can't convince me otherwise). Kristen provided a list of good movies for me to watch. She insisted I watch An Education and refused to speak to me until I had.

Now, I do the same to you: go watch it. It's about a bright schoolgirl and her enchanting manfriend, but of course there is much more to it. It's based on a true story, and if that's not enough for you, they all speak British. Also, visit Kristen while you're at it ;)


* To be honest, I just put the text... but I had to pick out fonts! AND RESIZE. I actually had to measure the width of her layout to do this... by myself.

** Aside from how wonderful Mubi is for finding obscure, artful films, some of them cost a couple of dollars extra. This is where Netflix comes in, some of the films are available there.


Worthy Things

The past couple of weeks have been busy. Papers and tests are at an all-time high, it's midterm time! But don't let the exclamation point confuse you, it's not exciting. It's been raining, yet I haven't spent my time sleeping in bed as anybody rightly deserves in this weather.

Needless to say, I've been left uninspired by bland powerpoints and early mornings, so I got a journal that I plan to fill with just that: inspiration. There are a lot of pages and it will likely take a long time to fill, but I am concentrating on quality of work, not quantity. There's a rumor going around that worthy things take time and effort. I will report back.

Currently only one drawing is there, and here is the unfinished version. It's a reflection of what I want to be doing right now -- sipping lattes. Do you see textbooks anywhere? No, you do not, and that's the point ;)



The Chelsea

Here is my favorite type of shoe: the kind of shoe you can wear with almost anything on a daily basis.

These are chelsea boots, known for being kind of ugly and kind of really comfortable (read: awesome!). They originated in the Victorian era, first of their kind to have an elastic band to make them easy for you to put on and take off. Practical.

I get mushy when it comes to ugly, chunky shoes. In fact, I find them really attractive. When I look at them it's as if they say, "I'm not trying too hard." And no, they're not; actually, they are really sleek and cool. The chelseas make that official sound of heels as you're walking down a hallway, but they don't make you feel out of place.* They are great when you don't want to stand out, but want to stand apart from (the sea of sneakers that is college). They're not for everyone, but they're just right for me!

I was thinking of studding the sides.

Any thoughts?


P.S. This pair is rainproof! I found out today when I had to walk through mini-rivers because it's been raining all day. Womp womp.

* Also, like a heel, you can beat away any perpetrators that may come your way. Heels have a sharp point, chunky shoes are heavy and easy to stomp with. 


Favorites of the Night

Friday night I went out for my friend Trey T.'s 21st birthday! It was great, my Trey even came to dinner (a lot of Trey's). Later we hit the club and Trey T.'s parents surprised him by showing up -- actually they had already been in line and he got to cut ahead & have his first legal drink with them :)

Yes, I am wearing leather shorts underwear.


Lazaro Hernandez

Style crush: Lazaro Hernandez. Jack McCollough is okay too.

As usual I was avoiding studying, specifically my microbio powerpoint, when I decided to do a little research on The Proenza Schouler boys.I have discovered that the two are really funny, see following quote:

I often wonder," he says. "Sometimes I think the people who buy our clothes live in a parallel universe. Hell, we can't even afford our clothes."

 Then I came upon this little bio of Lozano which MADE ME SO EXCITED*
A Cuban-American from south Florida, Hernandez was pre-med when he decided he'd rather go into fashion, dropping out of the University of Miami to move to New York to enroll at Parsons.
Okay, I wonder how badly my parents would hurt me if I did the same.

*I am a pre-med student living in south Florida. And I love fashin.

Style Icon

I know I'm a little late, (okay, maybe a year late) but I just put a name to the face. Jessica de Ruiter! See the last picture? I think the first in the collage is by The Sartorialist, but she is basically the reason I fell in love with collared shirts. I know everything this year is about color and hippies, but her look is so cool and natural that it fits every season.




original source. also, currently in japan

When I was in my senior year of high school I took a film photography class. We had a project where we had to pick a theme and produce photographs to fit it accordingly. I chose texture, took a really boring photo and turned it into something I really liked.

Note: take any photo and make it black and white; it makes it more interesting by five fold.
To be honest, I have a mini obsession with texture. I love to feel things? (in the non-creepiest way possible). Maybe it's because I'm really curious, I don't know, but when I go in a store and see something with a peculiar texture I. HAVE. TO. TOUCHIT. Usually this only pertains to soft things, but I'm not afraid to experiment.

With that said, I love the ensemble above; although it is all black there are so many different textures that the end result is really intriguing. Also, the shoes are chunky, kind of unattractive, and I really love them.


Sunset Soon

I found some really great portraits on flickr by Dmitry Anisimov. I like that they are mostly of men because so often we are bombarded by pictures of pretty girls (not that I'm complaining). I love them because the setting of Russia reminds me quite a bit of Bulgaria, especially with the random graffiti in the background (nostalgia!).

Stripes and Socks



On the Edge of Forever

Summer, the amazing Garance Dore, Juergen Teller, Daria, bright colors, stars, grays, plain hair, patent leather, fuchsia lips

If you take pictures, please check to see if it leads to a link, some are credited to their owners. If you know any images belong to anyone in particular and need credit, please let me know.