Z is for Zac Posen

Remember a few posts back (a month ago?) I said something about a project I had in mind?… of course you don’t. Regardless, it’s Fashion’s A to Z, thought up by none other than my very own Kristen. She’s kinda fab and I dedicate this to her


Unfortunate Events

I had been really looking forward to spending more time on this blog since I was done with my big test! However, something very unfortunate has happened… I was not in the best of neighborhoods in Tampa and while away from my car had my window broken and my netbook and camera stolen.

Now, I like to think I don’t get attached to material things, but I have to admit, that really stung. It’s not that I miss the objects, but those two things made up a big part of what I like to consider my ‘hobbies’. Of course I am thankful that I am alright, but I will definitely miss my camera. I was so excited when I bought it last year :/

Needless to say I can’t really post quality pictures any longer. However, I have an illustration project in mind & I do have film cameras (though those take a while to be used & developed…)


Just Dance

As Dane Cook explained it so well, some days girls just wanna dance.

No guys!

We just wanna dance.

Friday night rolled around and Liza suggested I wear spandex. The choice was easy as I’ve been waiting all summer to wear one of the coolest dresses I own. And well yeah, I felt pretty hot (not only figuratively, but also literally. Spandex does not breathe well; but it was so worth it!)

P.S. It’s from Asos.


Let's get Naked

I never got what the hype was about with the Naked Palette… until one fateful day when I walked past it and was blinded by the shimmer.


I was a good girl and put it down but then it was on my mind for days. Needless to say I went back for it. I’ve had it for a few weeks and love the thing! My nails even match it.

I love the array of colors; from soft browns to golds then colder shades...


I'm sorry

I know, I know... I disappeared... and I didn't even tell anyone where I was going (except for my in real life friends...) (read: I'm rude, I'm sorry!). I  needed a little break from being so connected.

The height of this summer was college graduation, but boring hours of work followed. Not to mention I started a class to help me study for a super big test I take in a couple of weeks. Then there was the part where I got broken up with. I think you're getting the point, my summer was far from noteworthy and I didn't want to clog it with sad song lyrics (that's what tumblr is for).

Let's do the adult thing here and pretend I hadn't been gone and forget this summer. horrah!


Turkish Coffee

DIY bleach bottom pants - Pour La Victoire pumps

Tie-dye has been all over the place lately and although I've always been intrigued, I've never given it a change (until now). Over the weekend I decided to experiment with one of many pairs of black pants. These jeans were too long, so I cut at the ankle and dipped them in bleach. The pattern reminds me of the bottom of Turkish-brewed coffee; when I was younger my grandmother and her friends would drink the coffee then afterward a pattern would be left from the fine powder. They would look at the shapes and read the fortunes of one another. It was very mysterious and intriguing.


Fade Away

Vintage Keys

The hot sun rises and the grass withers; the little flower droops and falls, and its beauty fades away.


Laying Out

Today I was ready for laying out in the sunshine. I had stayed up till early morning so I woke up late and it was lunch time. It was cloudy, but sunny. I decided to watch the Virgin Suicides and halfway through the movie it got dark and it started to rain. The movie ended, my family went somewhere and now it's quiet and I am only with my dog Lucy and the ice cream truck seems to be outside my house because I've been hearing the music alongside rain for two minutes now. Eerie? Yeah.