Sleigh Bells

What I did last night:

Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller of Sleigh Bells

Last night I went to the CSS/Sleigh Bells show along with my friends Trey, Laura, Kristen, Janey and Rae. I've hardly listened to CSS, but their fun personality captured me last night. When lead singer Lovefoxxx told us she was about to play a sexy song, she asked us to dance like snakes. When she was about to play a romantic song, she asked us to dance like it was a sweet 16 dance. I can't promise I followed all of her instructions, but it was a lot of fun.

However, I went for Sleigh Bells, as I assume a lot of people did because they're known for putting on a really great show. I had been warned before going that it's a very sweaty experience, but I was not convinced this was true during the opening act & even CSS. Right before Sleigh Bells a wall of Marshall amps was set up and as soon as the lights dimmed I experienced a force wave push me forward. I was already really close to the stage and now all that was separating me was a large man and his two large cameras (photographer that would not have been there hadn't he been paid). But before the end of the show I was right against the stage, so I got my money's worth ;) Then I, along with hundreds of other people, experienced a bombardment of strobe lights as the duo came out.

This is what followed: really loud noise pop music, strangers thrashing their sweaty bodies on mine, continual elbowing in face/head/top body region, a stranger grabbing my arms and throwing them back and forth for me (less work on my part?), stranger grabbing my hair and pulling it (what was that about??), Kristen getting punched in the lip, Janey loosing the right glass from her eye glasses than catching it (that is talent, I don't know how she managed it. 99% change that it would have fallen on the floor and been stomped on, she beat the odds), continual line of people climbing on/over me to get on the stage in order to jump and crowd surf, Alexis Krauss singing right over me like an angel, Alexis pouring water on herself and showering everyone underneath her (including me! Gross? Maybe. But it was so hot I didn't mind).

Before I go I have to admit to you, Alexis Krauss has a really pretty face.

I'll be back to regular posting as soon as my exams are done next week.
Also, thank you for the graduation congratulations! :)


I love in Your hands

I've been a bad little blogger, but I have good reasons. I graduate in less than two weeks and when I haven't been working on school projects I've been procrastinating by watching Conan and attending food parties, including a picnic and Easter dinners. Other than this, trying to keep my cool while graduation day creeps closer. It's all too easy to lose yourself in things that don't matter and it's difficult to untangle the strings. Yet, everything works out.


The Book

I know I am late by a couple of years, but better so than never. I bought The Sartorialist book. Need I say I love it? For several reasons nonetheless. First, despite the fact that these photos were taken prior to 2009, the people in them would still be considered stylish today. Not everything they are wearing is even designer, and if it were you wouldn't know about it because Scott doesn't post labels, their style is timeless. As he puts in his introduction "I like people to draw their own conclusions, to find their own inspiration without the influence of a guiding hand," meaning he doesn't need to post a description about every single outfit because different people may notice two completely different things about an outfit. 

I also loved the honesty of this book, which is portrayed in the photos and the short blurbs of his thoughts and experiences in shooting a certain person. I wish I could share them all with you, but I think it's better you get the book yourself! You can find it discounted online, as I did. How can you say no?

I think most of us are like stylish hermit crabs: we change our outershell to camouflage out way into certain social positions. We 'dress the part'. When you accept this idea, fashion/people watching becomes less judgmental and more about being 'visually greedy'. It comes less about what that person is wearing and more about what the elements of the look can mean to your own personal style. 'Visual greed' is one of the reasons I don't usually put the name of the person or labels that they are wearing on my blog - they simply don't matter to me. For instance, this gentleman was shot outside a recent Ralph Lauren fashion show. I know he works for Ralph and I know that Ralph 'encourages' employees to dress in a certain 'Ralph Lauren-ish' manner. So is his look real personal style? I don't know and I won't judge him on that, but I will allow myself to be inspired by the concept of a Navy blazer with totally distressed jeans or crisp side-parted hair that always seems to look modern. In a way, being 'visually greedy' allows you to separate the personality from the 'look' and puts the pressure on you to figure out how to harness that stimulus instead of just grading other as 'pass' or 'fail'.

-Scott Schuman-


Pictures copyright to Scott Schuman, duh.


Off to nowhere

Thrifted light yellow silk pants - Forever 21 jersey and shoes

I think I may very well have the most talented 7 year-old photographer on my hands. My little brother loves experimenting with all sorts of technology; he plays video games better than I could ever and regularly films his Super Mario action figures.* Some might be on YouTube.

It's getting warmer and I've been wearing less and lighter clothes that will also be comfortable in the overly air-conditioned school buildings. My college career is coming to an end in just two weeks and I have been busy with a multitude of projects that need to be done before the end of April. I had a very good idea of what I wanted to do when I entered college, but I'm not so sure anymore; shouldn't the opposite happen? In truth, I went in with a narrow mind when I should have done the opposite. However, my ideas have grown and I have a better sense of my talents. I know that good things will happen, but only I can make them.

To leave off, here is a quote I stumbled upon today:
Our lives are not as limited as we think they are; the world is a wonderfully weird place; consensual reality is significantly flawed; no institution can be trusted, but love does work; all things are possible; and we all could be happy and fulfilled if we only had the guts to be truly free and the wisdom to shrink our egos and quit taking ourselves so damn seriously.

-Tom Robbins-


*They're not dolls! ;)


Sea Ruffles

Michael Kors cardigan - Aqua Blues shirt - Kimchi & Blue skirt - Michael Kors sandals

Ruffles don't particularly appeal to me; however this shirt is humorous because it looks like a sea anemone and who wouldn't want to wear that? No one, that's your answer.
Forever 21 T-shirt - cutoff jean shorts with heart embroidered on whim

It is getting hotter and I've been having to do a lot of homework and projects, which means I want  to stay as cool and comfortable as possible.

T and shorts it is.

I've literally had these jean shorts for years and they've progressively gotten shorter. They are slouchy with a heart I embroidered last year (or two years ago?). My friend Kristen would likely call me whimsical for doing this.


Fashion's Dirty Little Secret

Johanna Blakley: Lessons from Fashion's Free Culture

My friend Dimitre sent me this interesting video. Did you know garments cannot have copyrights?
Copyright law's grip on film, music and software barely touches the fashion industry ... and fashion benefits in both innovation and sales, says Johanna Blakley. She talks about what all creative industries can learn from fashion's free culture.


Beat the Devil's Tattoo

DIY studded denim jacket - unknown black tunic - Express black leggings - Jessica Simpson scarf - Desert Boot Series by Clarks
One of the basic instincts of mankind is that of creativity. A universal expression of this instinct is the need for man to add beauty, as he sees it, to the immediate world in which he lives, his near environment. The most intimate part of this near environment is his own body, and the desire to add a decorative layer, a “second skin,” to the basic form provided by nature is a universal in mankind. Regardless of why, when, or where man first wore clothes, it is an established fact that once he began to do so he has never stopped. 

-Gurel & Beeson-
When there are enough photos I arrange them with a story in mind. I imagine a situation and a character, if there is one, and compose a plot to guide the order. With a similar approach I get dressed in the morning according to what I want to convey that day, whether it’s a personal trait or a mood for which the clothing acts as a backdrop.* The aesthetic pleasure of attire has little meaning when set against the consequence of identity. For some time now I’ve been interested in fashion, but rarely do I approach the subject with people other than the friends I know are directly interested for the reason that the topic wears an overcoat of superficiality.  However, last year I encountered a related subject matter with my undergraduate thesis concerning folk costumes** and their role in sustaining national identity. I have since realized that the reason why fashion interests me has a much deeper connotation than what is visually agreeable with the result that I find myself partial to some styles regarded as repelling.*** I still like things that are lovely, but character has a much wider range of feeling that should not be bound down to a small selection of pretty things. We are complicated creatures that often fail to articulate audibly, despite our social nature. However, garments are words of an unspoken language that most of us are capable of understanding, therefore it is perfectly normal that we should use the tools provided to us as a means of communication.  

Having read this, know that I am currently in a mood for relaxing complimented by a very fluffy pink robe ;)


* Of course, sometimes I just want to be comfortable, or just don’t care; you can usually tell if that’s what passed in the AM ;)
** More specifically, Bulgarian folk costumes… because I am Bulgarian.
***Yes, if you think that was a ManRepeller reference, you’d be right. It’s hard to avoid.


The Pose

 Lucky blouse - vintage linen trousers - F21 sunnies - unknown metal bracelet - DIY leather bracelet - Sesto Meucci loafers

While taking photos of Valentina yesterday she took some of me as well. I felt cool wearing linen and weave-basket loafers, which was convenient with the weather warming up considerably.  

In other news, today I spent most of my day jacked on sugar and caffeine while trying to figure out the mystery of iMovie. If I find I have a knack for making movies I will deliver appropriately. Will this be a new life path? It's very unlikely, but I don't like to say 'never'.



Pictures of the lovely Valentina I took while we wandered through our school waiting for important messages on our phones. She was anything but serious most of the time; yet I managed to catch her in-between laughs. The last one is for fun and I couldn't resist. This is the pose she gave me when I told her to pretend she was spying on her crush, it's priceless: