Day and Night

When I was younger I used to come up with imaginative games to play with my friends. Often they involved roles and once, when I was up in a big pine tree (yes, a pine tree, like this one) with my friend Annie, I decided we could pretend to be the sun and the moon. She was totally up for it, but at that time we both thought the sun was way cooler than the moon. Since I came up with the game I insisted I be the sun. She wasn’t too keen on letting me, but she agreed anyway.

Soon other kids from the neighborhood started showing up. We told them about the game and they all agreed to play too, so of course we had to come up with new roles. There was a cloud, the rain, lightning, snow, probably hail, and who knows what else. The prospect of having more kids to play with was exciting, but I grew fearful that the others would want to take my role as the sun.
And they did.

However, I stayed firm that I had been the sun, and I would remain the sun!!!! It worked for a while, we played, but soon some of the kids were not too happy with their roles. Who wants to be rain? Nobody liked rain… So they started fighting with me, saying that NO I couldn’t be the sun. Bastards.
I was pretty upset to find everyone ganging up on me… how could I make them understand that I had to be the sun??! This went on for a while… until I had to give up my role. But you know what? Not before I thought up of a better role than the sun. Yes, once I revealed my new idea everyone was stunned they hadn’t thought of it themselves; I decided to be a rainbow.

Those were pretty cool back in the day.
In current life I’ve been drawing here and there, and after I finish my thesis I was planning on starting up a couple of projects, which I won’t reveal until I’ve at least begun them ;)
I want to encourage you to keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and even help in any way you can.

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