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When I was in my senior year of high school I took a film photography class. We had a project where we had to pick a theme and produce photographs to fit it accordingly. I chose texture, took a really boring photo and turned it into something I really liked.

Note: take any photo and make it black and white; it makes it more interesting by five fold.
To be honest, I have a mini obsession with texture. I love to feel things? (in the non-creepiest way possible). Maybe it's because I'm really curious, I don't know, but when I go in a store and see something with a peculiar texture I. HAVE. TO. TOUCHIT. Usually this only pertains to soft things, but I'm not afraid to experiment.

With that said, I love the ensemble above; although it is all black there are so many different textures that the end result is really intriguing. Also, the shoes are chunky, kind of unattractive, and I really love them.

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