Beat the Devil's Tattoo

DIY studded denim jacket - unknown black tunic - Express black leggings - Jessica Simpson scarf - Desert Boot Series by Clarks
One of the basic instincts of mankind is that of creativity. A universal expression of this instinct is the need for man to add beauty, as he sees it, to the immediate world in which he lives, his near environment. The most intimate part of this near environment is his own body, and the desire to add a decorative layer, a “second skin,” to the basic form provided by nature is a universal in mankind. Regardless of why, when, or where man first wore clothes, it is an established fact that once he began to do so he has never stopped. 

-Gurel & Beeson-
When there are enough photos I arrange them with a story in mind. I imagine a situation and a character, if there is one, and compose a plot to guide the order. With a similar approach I get dressed in the morning according to what I want to convey that day, whether it’s a personal trait or a mood for which the clothing acts as a backdrop.* The aesthetic pleasure of attire has little meaning when set against the consequence of identity. For some time now I’ve been interested in fashion, but rarely do I approach the subject with people other than the friends I know are directly interested for the reason that the topic wears an overcoat of superficiality.  However, last year I encountered a related subject matter with my undergraduate thesis concerning folk costumes** and their role in sustaining national identity. I have since realized that the reason why fashion interests me has a much deeper connotation than what is visually agreeable with the result that I find myself partial to some styles regarded as repelling.*** I still like things that are lovely, but character has a much wider range of feeling that should not be bound down to a small selection of pretty things. We are complicated creatures that often fail to articulate audibly, despite our social nature. However, garments are words of an unspoken language that most of us are capable of understanding, therefore it is perfectly normal that we should use the tools provided to us as a means of communication.  

Having read this, know that I am currently in a mood for relaxing complimented by a very fluffy pink robe ;)


* Of course, sometimes I just want to be comfortable, or just don’t care; you can usually tell if that’s what passed in the AM ;)
** More specifically, Bulgarian folk costumes… because I am Bulgarian.
***Yes, if you think that was a ManRepeller reference, you’d be right. It’s hard to avoid.


  1. wow!!! love these pics!!!

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  2. Amazing photography like the little concept! Love you messy bun, really looks great on you!

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  3. Amazing pictures! <3

  4. i love these images, the jean jacket is so cute!

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  5. Love your DIY jacket. I need to crank out some more DIYs. Gimme that jacket!! Ha.

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  6. gorgeous photos! love your scarf. xx

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