Pretty in Pink

I've always  liked the color pink, but lately I am surroundings myself with it. 

First, it was pink shorts from Forever 21. Cute, short, but a bad idea to wear on a rainy, cold day -- the one day I didn't check the weather in the morning!

Then came my Nutra Sonic, courtesy of Mom. It cleans and lightly exfoliates your face. I've only used it a couple of times, but already my skin is softer. I will give an update of how it's working once I've used it for a little longer.

Lastly, I am obsessed with Covergirl's Spellbound lipstick, which is basically a fuschia. It's really bright and fun and compliments my pale skin perfectly! It's a good start to incorporating color this summer considering I have such a hard time reaching for anything other than white when it's really hot out


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