I love Nasty Gal for many reasons. I could make a wishlist solely from there (just did that!). Their selection is versatile, many things can be paired together and there isn't too much to look through. Yes! I like that I can go through their site in less than 20 minutes, but this is highlighted by the fact that most of their things have interesting detail my eyes can oogle at.

In other news, I am having the hardest time saying no to the new spring-time Litas. Help me say no? (or yes.................)


  1. I like the second shoe!!! I follow you, follow me back?
    ps; thanks for the comment ;)

  2. oh me too! I really love the second ones in this post. Thanks for sharing!

    Helen, X

  3. Oh whoa, this is so pretty! - I once went all through that website, loved it. But the price of my wishlist after that was unaffordable. I haven't let myself tortured that way again... until now. Damn, the shoes are brilliant!